Welcome Ramadhan

Time passes away swiftly. As if yesterday we said ‘goodbye’ to Ramadan, now the holy month is about to reach us again. Especially for this year, I commit the fasting in overseas, Australia, far away from my family. It may be little bit need to struggle facing a temptation during the Ramadan. Here there is no atmosphere of welcoming Ramadan like in Indonesia. Everything goes in normal way like other common days.

From the deepest of my heart, of course, there is a hope to increase the level of my worship. In this mercy, benevolence and blessing month, everything is valuable, even just sleeping. Regarding to achieve it, some notes I ‘ve made as a guidance. Hopefully, it can be implemented well. Firstly, I want to clean my heart up by invoking Him for the forgiveness often and often. Secondly, obeying what He obliges to His creatures. Thirdly, keeping my tongues against unworthy words, and my eyes from such unworthy scenes and my ears from such sounds that should not be heard. Fourthly, Reciting the holy Qur’an as best I can. Then, I want to love and make my family, my relatives, my friends, and all people around me happy.

By commencing Ramadan, Insya Allah on Saturday this week, let me say..please forgive me for all my mistakes..and let us come up with the new life….


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