Indonesian Festival, Representing only Small Part of the Rich Indonesian Cultures

Yesterday was the special occasion for Indonesian community who live in Canberra since it was held a ‘big’ event, ‘Indonesian Festival’ in order to celebrate the 64th anniversary of Indonesian independence. Overall, the event was success, supported by the weather that was very friendly, as not as usual in the winter, yesterday was quite warm. Moreover, it was quite surprising because the visitors, not only Indonesian community but also foreign people, from Australian residents, Arabian, Chinese, etc. flocked to the Indonesian embassy.

What was it offered for Indonesian Festival? There we enjoyed some entertainment from Indonesian cultures, such as Rantak dance, Manukrowo, Trunojoyo, Batakese song, keroncong songs, batik fashion show, angklung performance, etc. in which began at around 10 am food and finished around 5 pm. It was also offered some Indonesian food in lot stalls, such as satay, tahu, bubur ayam, candil, etc. For people who missed the real Indonesian food, that event may become the right place to overcome the longing.

Looking at the enthusiastic Australian and other foreign people, I believe that this event could be the one good way to promote Indonesian tourism particularly by introducing the rich of Indonesian cultures in terms of traditional dance, folk songs, handicraft, etc. I did admit that Indonesia has rich beautiful cultures more than that was presented yesterday. Each region or ethnic group has it cultures and heritage. Maybe for some Indonesian cultures, we are as Indonesian sometimes do not recognize them. So that’s why by bringing those cultures in such kind of event like Indonesian Festival will help us and international community to more understand the rich of Indonesian cultures. It might be better if the big event like Indonesian Festival be prepared and organized well, such as building the excellent stage, dividing the stalls by some Indonesian ethnic group in which sold not only the food but also the handicrafts, etc.

The performance on the stage may also be better if it shows more vary. Indonesia still has many other good performance, such as ketoprak, wayang golek, kuda lumping, sendratari, etc. Indonesia has also many handicrafts. Unfortunately, yesterday, I was difficult to find it. Maybe it’s better if Indonesian embassy cooperates with some Indonesian traditional entrepreneurs to bring their handicrafts here. It becomes mutualism cooperation. The event is more extravaganza, on the other hand the entrepreneurs come up with benefit of networking. I little bit surprised looking at Sarah (Australian resident) who looks more ‘Indonesian’ by wearing a good model of batik and also the accessory of handbag made of coconut shell. It is really beautiful. Should be we ashamed to her??


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