Gloomy n’ Cheerful: Two Sides of Coin

Getting together with some friends sometimes becomes the best way to just release distress, such as this evening we came altogether to give condolence on the loss of our best friends’ baby. I know it’s hard situation for them loosing someone whom they are waiting for. Insya Allah your baby occupies in raudlatul jannah as refer to Hadits of Bukhori, the man who lives in that raudhah (park) is Ibrahim a.s. whereas the children stay around him are those baby who birth in fitrah (purity).

Even though you tried to be cheerful but I know from your eyes were not able to hide the gloomy. Believe me the time will erase your sadness. However, I believe you both are able to recover from this hard situation. In order to reduce your gloomy feeling now, you need friends to talk to. Don’t let you are alone cause it will provoke your deep sadness.

I know Losing someone we love can be the most difficult thing to go through in life. Personally I have had experience about that. But maybe I can’t be a good raw model for this case because until now to be honest I am still trying to struggle managing my heart to not feel loosing someone even or something even though it’s just the little thing. Like this evening when someone told me to off or maybe quit from the job (in which we have the same work place), to be honest there was something loose in my heart. It will become the second friend quit from this job. I don’ know the reason why I have to be sad. It always happened to me. Maybe I become too melancholic for this, I am sorry my friend, it’s really your choice n your life…


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