Notes Before Departure

11 January 2009

Often people pray for something that it doesn’t come to be true, and react to this in different way..
As it just happened to me when I had already prepared for anything, including made a deal for temporary accommodation in Brisbane but in the last minute, all changed…

How to react? Of course, commonly for the first time, shocked and worried, all negative view came in my mind. Honestly, not the change of university preference or the cancellation of my program, no, but the most scary came to me is cut of my remuneration whereas I haven’t received my stipend yet…I calculated all my expenditure, and deficit, my son’s face came….oh…god…

Fortunately all run well, thank you Mr riza..even though you had made me under pressured and at the time I blamed you for your silly mistake (so sorry for that..) but finally there was a certainty after University of Canberra accepted my application. However, one problem came’s about Visa. Actually, my visa has been ready but since there was a change in my uni preference, it led the change in my visa too.

My estimated departure is on Sunday 11 January 09, until Friday morning, however, I phoned to ADS officer and she said that there had not been available yet. Worried?? Yup, little bit worried but the most feeling in my mind was ashamed if it would be postponed since I had permitted to all staff in my office and of course all my family as well in my village…

Finally, in the afternoon, mba Lia said that all had been already, visa and my ticket, but there was a change in my departure date, it postponed one day, so I departed on 12 January 2009, with whom??


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