Minus 2 Degree of Celcius, Oh My Goodness..

12 June 2009

Winter comes… winter down under in Australia runs from June 1 through August 31. For me, it is something new and frightened me for particular awful story. For this reason, I have prepared well supporting stuff during winter season. I have bought some warm long john, i.e. thermal underwear, some sweaters, jackets, electronic blanket, wool quilt, and heater. Hopefully, all of those stuff will reduce my paranoid..

For the first week, the weather was still mostly fine but arrives at the second week it becomes dreadful. From the weather forecast, the range of weather is from negative 2 to around 8⁰c. Oh my goodness, how can I go to my work place in this sort of situation? Whilst, I have to walk away around 15 minutes in the morning at 5.40 am. Fortunately, I have bought some stuff, so I just wore 4 pieces of clothes, seasonal underwear, long john, t shirt, and double jacket. To protect my head, I wore double winter hats. I also wear gloves and socks. Is it too much?? Maybe, because I saw some Australian only wore jacket, short and thongs…but I don’t really care. In my point of view, each person needs particular treatment. I don’t want to take risk..only me who knows my body..

Based on the forecast, today the minimum weather is negative 2⁰c and I expected it would increase to be 0 when I went out from my accommodation. When I opened the door, the cold wind blew over my face but it was considerable fine, maybe because of thick clothes I wore. Intently, I walked in hurry in order to make my body warmer. In the mid of my way, I felt rainy nose even though I didn’t have flu. I wished it didn’t worsen to be nosebleed (the suffer that usually comes as an effect of unresistance toward cold weather). If it happens to me, I can’t imagine working in pain. Luckily, my anxiety didn’t come true. Praise for Allah ta’ala, I could be able through this extreme weather. Hopefully, I will be always healthy…I hope so..


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