Australian Students: Always Keep on Speaking Up

4 March 2009

Today I enforced myself to attend the Organizational Behaviour class even though I didn’t little bit feel up to going to. I felt the subject boring; actually I have finished that subject in my bachelor degree. On the other hand, I needed to attend the class due to in this subject, many Australian students enrolled. I ‘d like to learn the way they gave response and feedback during the class.

The name of the lecturer is mr. Doug, he is very attractive and always encourage all international student to participate actively. He also seems to be appreciate to all of student’ opinions. As Australia’s style, the knowledge is delivered in direct two way communication. In this unit, I was able to see Australian students such enjoyed in absorbing the knowledge. Always and always they rose their hand while the lecturer was talking. Sometimes, it was just silly thing, shared, for instance, their job environment, the personality of their bosses, etc. Mostly more than 3 or 5 minutes they talked. They looked like so interested in this sort of unit. While Asian students, including me, seem to just highlight the textbook or just listen what the lecturer said.

After the class finished, some curiosity came in my mind regarding the different style of Australian and Indonesian students. Why the Australian tends to be more active and criticize anything. I think because since in elementary school they were encouraged to speak up their mind and stimulate the way they responded to something. It may be different to that of Indonesian in which from beginning we were encouraged to memorize anything. Secondly, it may be the culture; here it is absolutely forbidden to make others as object of ridicule. They always appreciate other people’s opinion. It is different to Indonesian, at least based on my experience that students often laugh at another when he or she makes ‘a mistake statement’. I also notice the Australian education system be created to not burden the students. Therefore, they don’t look stressed or under pressured. In the childhood age, most of the time is for playing whereas in Indonesia, in the kindergarten, the children are encouraged to write and calculate. I don’t know whether there is a correlation between the curriculum and the level of criticize or not.

However, I also saw that from several Australian I met, they weak in math while some Indonesian are strong in math even though sometimes they don’t know the philosophy of those numeric or just to explain in some sentences the use of the result of calculation. It may back again to the problem of criticizing something. So that, which one is more important? It might become the Indonesian National Education Ministry’ task to overcome this problem. Is it good to adopt or mix up the Australian or western system??


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