3 Days Without Rice

16 January 2009

It’s my third day arriving in Canberra and it still became shocked for me facing a different situation here compared to that in Indonesia. No mini shop, no refectory that open during all day and night… Here, don’t ever imagine to hear a range of vary the sound of instant food sellers in the night that customarily we heard…don’t imagine to buy tiny stuff in the shop close to our home like in Indonesia..no ..no.. Here, there is a restricted regulation to where area permitted as trading area and living area. Therefore, if you want something to buy, you need to walk along way or ride your car.

I admit really unprepared well for food. There are no stuff for cooking, no materials..ouwghh..so then how can I survive living here? Oh my god..please help me… Actually there is a refectory on campus area but it is quickly gone in the midday. So in the first and second day I just ate large chips and some breads..for me it is extremely not enough. For me, the definition of ‘eat’ is eating rice. Chips and breads are only snacks. Should I need to change this paradigm? I’m not sure…

Therefore, in the third day I enforced myself to buy rice cooker in K-Mart in the Westfield Belconnen mall. At least with rice cooker I was able to easily cook rice. I also bought some vegetables and noodles. Then I went to the kitchen, I was looking after the kitchen stuff in my accommodation, oh my god it’s new experience for me I don’t know exactly how to operate it, it is embarrassing. There are so many knobs and stoves but I don’t know which one particular knob for particular stove. I was really desperate. I wanted to try but I was worried about something bad happened. It is not funny, in the headline news ‘an international student from Indonesia was interrogated by police for derailing a fire in UC accomodation’.

While I was mixed up, my neighbour came. He is from Australia. He is only one of my neighbour in my block. I don’t know exactly what his name. In the first time I met him, he just said ‘welcome’ after that he just smile at me when we mate. I have ever tried to break the ice by saying hello and asking some questions (of course I still remember what Barbara said to not asking taboo questions)and he replied with Australian accent, I don’t really hear what his name, Jim, John, because he spoke quickly and unopened mouth.. He stared at me realizing I was looked confused with the stuff ‘May I use stuff here for cooking? I asked to him..’sure, as long as you clean up the stuff after using it’ he replied quickly. I just caught up some words. ‘how to operate this stove?’ then he demonstrated to use the stove, microwave and oven. I didn’t concern to what he said, I just looked the way his hand operated the stuff. ‘oh..thank you’..finally, I can survive here…thank god but I promise to buy my own cooking stuff on Sunday in the Sunday Market…it’s very cheap…


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