Nini Rohmat

Sunday, 14 Desember 2009

My little son came with scared face, he talked to me…”nini omat…nini omat”, his little finger pointed to out of house, I was still confused what he said before his uncle said clearly, “Nini Rohmat”…hastely, I came to my mother-in law talking the situation hang by a thread..

Then my mother-in law locked the back door where Nini Rohmat usually went into and after that she went out to meet Nini Rohmat outside of house..

Nini Rohmat is an insane woman who usually come to meet my mother-in law in order to ask something (money, clothes, etc). Actually, her home is quite far, around 3-4 km.

Why we close her access to our house? It doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate and respect to guests even though she is an insane woman but another ‘illness’ of her is uncontrolled urinate that leads to stench of urine. Her dress is also get wet of urine.

I remember around a year ago, we were all shock when unexpectedly she appeared and came into our house and then sat down on the sofa, after that we had to swab floor and clean up the sofa but the bad smell was not vanish despite we spraid ‘bayfresh’..

I don’t know excatly the name of her illness in science term..

My mother-in law said that she has became insane and has not been able to control her urine since she bore a baby. But surprisingly, she still remember our relatives, despite living in other village and once she went to there…

When my mother-in law talked to Nini Rohmat, I and my son took a peep behind space of the window. I wonder why my son became scared, did he catch the fear from the circumtance?…

At that time, I talked to my son that Nini Rohmat is a human like us, she is also kind so we didn’t need to fear. After that I carried for my son going out close to Nini Rohmat who looked enjoy picking cassava leaves. Then I whispered to my son that everything is okay, she was not dangerous. I looked my son cover his nose with his fingers saying ‘bau’…and I took him keeping away from Nini Rohmat, I just wanted to recovery his trauma..


3 responses to “Nini Rohmat

  1. kerja di kpp mana mas???

    Di Jkt Barat, mas Dino di Balikpapan ya??? salam kenal ya…

  2. belum ada update nih.
    sibuk jalan2 ya pak? 😀

    He he..iya neh…gak sempet mba, padahal banyak moment2 yang ingin aku tulis..sampe akhirnya menguap begitu saja..lagian baru dapet laptop kemarin, sekarang dah dikejar2 assignment yang dah mulai pada mau jatuh tempo..

  3. hahaha..kocak mas

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