Would you mind sharing ‘your plate’?

biggestmenu1 Habitually after recitation of the confession of the faith (such as tahlilan and mauludan) in the Majlis, the host serves several big plates contained ‘kebuli’ rice, roasted goat meat, ‘kerupuk’ , ‘acar’ and fruits that is divided into several groups. One group consisted of 3 or 4 people and ate together in one big plate.

For the first time, I felt repugnant looking at people taking rice with their fingers (without spoon and fork) from the same plate and I prefered to just take a fruit rather than eating rice together..

Unrealizingly, my spiritual teacher (ustadz) noticed me and one day asked me why i didn’t join eat together with other people..at that time I said that I had eaten just before going to the majlis..(oh..I ‘m sorry for lie)..but I was not able to keep lie after several times I always didn’t join..

Finally I admitted that I didn’t have a habit eating together in one plate and wisely my teacher replied that it was okay if I didn’t mind eating together and I could take a plate separately..

Furthermore, even the contains of discourse didn’t straight forward to me but I perceived it was for me..He said that sometimes human being felt more valuable or higher than others in many aspects of life, such as income, position, group ethnic, etc. that restricted to feel togetherness. It should be gazed and to be understood from your conscience that we are all the same in Allah valuation except for faithfull degree to Allah ta’ala..The feeling of disgusting showed that we need to extra effort to clean our heart by dzikrullah to make more pure our heart…

In the later week, I tried to control my heart by dzikrullah and joined together with other people eating together in one big plate looking at the rice grains fell down from the fingers interspace..

It is true that we are all the same..How about you??

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One response to “Would you mind sharing ‘your plate’?

  1. saya pernah pak, dulu waktu masih SMA ikut pesantren kilat, pake satu wadah gede terbuat dari bambu (yg biasa buat tumpeng), satu wadah 5 orang, makan pake tangan rame2… seru banget.

    Hebat euy..langsung bisa menikmati..kalau saya pertama kali rada jijik..

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