The Prosperous and Justice Party (PKS) Ads on Marketing Perspective

pks Lately, the Prosperous and Justice Party (PKS) ads have been controversial issues on media started with the commemoration of the youth pledge in which showed photographs of the prominent national figures, such as the NU founder, Hasyim Asy’ari and Muhammadiyah founder, KH Ahmad Dahlan. The controversy has not being ended, blindly, PKS launched the newer and more controversial ad by putting Soeharto as one of the pictures calling as teachers of the nation and heroes.

However, many people didn’t realize that they have been trapped on PKS’ game. Admitedly, Behind the scene of PKS consisted of many smart people who are impossible very stupid creating ads without hidden agenda. With limiting budget to make an ad, the type of those ads was very suitable that leads impression of the mass media to more publish and as a result, PKS will get free of advertising charges.

Why PKS needs a controversial ad?
It is very prevalent opinion that PKS is very famous of the integrity amongst their legislative members and the concern to the social activities such as giving free of medical check up, giving help to the disaster victims, painting the bridges, etc. On the other case, as being famous clean party, rejecting corruption money, bribery, etc also very common. In thoses cases, they can not be sold to the media since they have low selling point because the media need fresh, uncommon, bombastic and controversy news. So, that’s why, when PKS came with the hot ads, all the media including many politic watchers analyse those ads. As the result, PKS gets the benefit for that.

For the fear of lossing their voters as the impact of the ads, likely PKS has a self confidence as the result of survey indicating that 80% of the previous voters still votes for PKS for 2009 election. However, PKS needs much innovation regarding pursue floating voters who haven’t decide their vote yet and I think PKS now is preparing the next smart steps.

So, let see the new innovation from PKS and let see the result in 2009…

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2 responses to “The Prosperous and Justice Party (PKS) Ads on Marketing Perspective

  1. Salam Pak Hidayat,
    Jazakallahu khair atas ulasannya tentang PKS yang “fenomenal” (saya lebih memilih fenomenal rather than kontroversial he he). Jadi nya Bapak pilih PKS tidak ? …. he he just kidding. Kami tunggu kedatangan Bapak di Brisbane, ada pengajian katam Qur’an juga kok Pak dan kami senang mengikutinya.
    Wassalaam, Keluarga Hidayat – St. Lucia QLD 4067

  2. Terima kasih sudah singgah di blog saya bu, kalau soal pilihan kalau kata orang “orba” seh ..”luber..” gak tau tuh embernya kurang gedhe kali ya..jadi airnya luber ..he he…

    salam buat keluarga hidayat di Brisbane..

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